Abstracts can be upto 500 words and need to be submitted as plain text. If you have abstracts with visual material, please email it to us.

Submit SPECIAL SESSION PROPOSALS with abstracts via Special Session Submission Form

The conference is held in hybrid format including both in-person and online session. Here is a Good Online Presentation Guide for virtual participants:

Good Presentation Guide:
For online conference presentation guidelines, please see various pages and do your own search as etiquette digital conferences have been built as we speak. Few sources are:

Presentation guidelines for the physical venue:

– When you arrive at the Conference venue ask for TMC reception/registration desk and check-in by signing against your name on the registration lists. If you are a special rate registrant such as student, you may be asked to show evidence of that status.
– Go to the room where you will present about 5 minutes ago and introduce yourself to the session chair before the session kicks off.
– If you are using powerpoint, make sure you bring it on a clean USB stick and upload it onto the computer in the room before the session starts.
– If you need help or have a problem ask our volunteers. They wear different colour lanyards and often t-shirts. There are dozens of volunteers helping us in the organisation and many of them are from the host institution. They are there to help us but please do treat them with respect. Being nice always pays off.
– Sessions are usually 80-90 minutes long and this time is divided between 4 or 5 speakers. Therefore prepare your talk/presentation to be no more than 15 minutes and leave about 5 minutes for discussion.
– Crowded slides with a lot of quotes and text are less likely to be noticed by audiences. Please do try to prepare easy to follow slides with few key information/graphics to alert the audience. Don’t forget you are there to explain.
– You need no more than 10-15 slides to get your paper and ideas across. This is practically as much you can do. So prepare less.
– The length of your talk needs to be flexible as there can be delays and issues to tackle, so plan ahead and decide which slides to skip, in case you have to.
– Thank your session chair and the audience at the end of your presentation. Academic conferences are collaborative events to help the field progress. Audiences give feedback and play a sounding board role and often help us to improve our work.
– Thank you for paying attention to our guidelines.

Publication Opportunities:
Full papers are going to be published in the Conference Proceedings book (See key dates). Full papers should include a 100 words abstract and be maximum of 2,000 words inclusive. It must state clearly the objectives, justification, literature review, data and methods, results and discussion, conclusions, and reference list. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE FULL PAPER TEMPLATE HERE

Papers presented at the Migration Conferences can also be considered for regular and special issues in peer-reviewed international journals including Migration and Diversity, Border Crossing, Transnational Education Review, and Göç Dergisi as well as being invited to edited book projects. You can inspect here the books and journals published by Transnational Press London.

Other author guidelines for full papers to be submitted to journals after the conference can be found via the following links: