General Papers
If your submission does not fall under any of the below tracks you can submit it to General Papers track.
Please note that topics and themes listed here are indicative not exhaustive.

Area Focus and Geographies
Geography and spatial patterns
African Migration and Migration in Africa
European Union and the periphery
Gulf Countries
Mexican migration
Migration in Australasia
Migration in China and Chinese Migration
Migration in Russia and Russian migration
Migration in MENA region
Migration in Latin America
New Immigration Destinations
North America
South Asia
Migration in Turkey
Migration in the United States
Canada as a destination
Internal migration within the EU
Russian speaking migrations
Arts, Media and Migration
Arts and Movers
Cultural heritage
Migration and Cinema
Migrant Literature
Migrants in novels and poems
Exiled artists
Migrants in Media
Media and Communication
Representation of migrants/refugees
Migrant artists
Art in diaspora
Transnational art
Conflict model in literary analysis
Transnational cinema
Migrant art/literary/movie festivals
Integration by arts and drama
Celebrity migration
Education and skilled migration
High skilled migration
Student migration
Graduate integration
Graduate employment
Government incentives for high skilled movers
Transnational lives and lifestyle
Doctors and nurses on the move
International education
Transnational programs
Student and academic exchanges
Mobility of the high skilled
Mobility of diplomats
Education as a migration opportunity
Conflict and exodus of the high skilled
High skilled refugees
Integration of high skilled
Discrimination and disadvantages
Economics, work and migration
Economic theory and migration
Macroeconomics and migration
Family resources and migration
Labour migration and employment
Domestic worker migration
Seasonal worker migration
Circular migration
Borderlands and labour migration
Labour unions and migrant workers
Wages and migration
Socio-economic development and migration
Female migrant workers
Smuggling and human trafficking
Migration business
Immigrant entrepreneurs
Refugee employment
Labour market discrimination
Expats and intra-company transfers
Unemployment and inactivity among migrants
Inequalities and migration
Regional disparities and migration
Migration Theory, Data and Methods
Theories and conceptualisations
Liberal models and approaches
Crisis of migration or migration scholarship
Conflict model
Feminist critique
Household model
Push-pull model scrutinised
Aspirations model
Neoclassical Economics
New migrations and new perspectives
Qualitative – Quantitative divide
Biographical methods
Participant observation
Ethics in migration research
Statistical modelling
Data availability and analysis
Methodological nationalism
Visual methods
Studying vulnerable populations
Remittances and Development
Social remittances
Non-financial remittances
Worker remittances
Consumption and remittances
Irregular remittances
Informal remittances
Hawala and similar systems
Remittances data and registers
Banks and remittances
Money Transfer Operators
Bitcoin and digital money transfers
Communities and remittances
Conflicts and remittances
Terrorism and remittances
Families and remittances
Remittances in developing countries
Remittances in industrialised world
Remittances theory
Cost of remittances
Migration in South and South East Asia
Migration in Bangladesh
Bangladeshi Diaspora
Indian Diaspora
Indonesian migration
Migration in India
Migration in Philippines
Malaysian migration
Migrant workers in Brunei
Pakistani migrations
Singapore as a destination
Sri Lankan migration
Vietnamese migration
Borderland populations in Thailand
Nepalese migration
Disasters and environmental migrations
Identities, Ethnicities, Minorities, Religions
Religions, religious groups
Kurdish migration
Tamil migration
Muslim minorities
Language and migration
Migrant minorities
Religiosity among migrants
Islamic movements and migrants
Opressed minorities and migration
Migrant minorities
Religion and acculturation
Religious organisations and migration
Turkish Migration and Migration in Turkey
Geography of Turkish migration
Turkish diaspora
Turkish asylum seekers
Turkish religious groups abroad
Turkish high skilled migration
Internal migration in Turkey
Immigration in Turkey
“Almanci” and returnees
Immigrant integration in Turkey
Intellectual migration in Turkey
Irregular migration in Turkey
Migration management and governance
Immigration of Turkic and Muslim populations
Population exchange(s)
Minority exodus from Turkey
Syrians and other migrants in Turkey
Turkish exiles
Chinese, Korean and Japanese Migrations
Chinese diaspora
Chinese migrant workers in the World Wars
Chinese internal migration
Chinese refugees
China as a destination
Japanese migration
Migration policy in Japan
Japanese diaspora
Korean migration
Migration between Koreas
Immigration in Korea
Taiwanese migration
European Migration Space
Brexit and future of migration in Europe
British immigrants in Europe
British migration
Central and Eastern Europe
Deals with third countries
Frontex and Mediterranean border
Intra-EU human mobility
Migration in Nordic Countries
Refugee crisis
Southern Europe
Western Europe
Latin American Migration
Migration in Mexico
Mexican Diaspora
Brasilian migration
Colombian refugees
Crime and migration in Latin America
Homicides and migration
Border crossings in Americas
Migration in Argentina
Migration and History 
Theoretical approaches to the history of migration:
How to narrate the past?
Global and world history perspectives to migration
Representations of the past between migrant
communities and hosting countries
History of the changing migration regimes
Migration history that originated in the
labour agreements between Southern and
Northern European countries
Internal migration and urbanisation in
nation states’ contemporary histories
Migration and conflict: Displacements
caused by civil upheavals, international
struggles, and the World Wars
Historical migration spaces between
the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East
Refugee routes in modern and contemporary history
Environmental changes, natural or human-caused
disasters, and population movements in history
Refugees and asylum seekers
Syrian refugees
Humanitarian protection
Rohingya crisis
Palestinian refugees
Refugee detention
Refugee integration
Refugees and return
Refugee camps
Case studies
Forced migration and refugees
Environmental refugees
Refugee agencies
Refugee children
Refugee families
Afghan refugees in Iran
Refugee resettlement
Asylum dispersal
Trauma and reconciliation
Politics and Law
Law and Policy
Asylum laws and processes
Border Management
Citizenship and Participation
European Union migration challenge
Frontex and border patrols
Migration Management
Migrant rights
Migrant detention and deportation
Rogue regimes and migration
Security perspectives
Smuggling and human trafficking
Visas and permits

See special track call for abstracts too

Youth Migration
Identities, belongings, Compound identities,
Labor market experiences of Youth
Citizenship and Politics
Assimilation, Cohesion, Integration
Transnationalism, Cosmopolitanism
Social Movements, Resilience
Young Deported, Returned, Staying
Returnees / Deportees reinsertion
Health and Mental Health
Gender, Sexuality, Migration
Family and migration
Sexuality and migration
Domestic workers
Gender in migration scholarship
Gendered discourses
LGBT movers
Conflict model and migration motivations
Feminist approaches
Migration, Religion and Religious Groups

Jewish Migration

Muslim minorities

Migration between Muslim countries

Role Theory and Religious Coping among Migrants

Migration Discourses Returns and Remigration Brexit and anti-immigration politics
Property Acquisitions by Non-Nationals:
Policies, Implications, and Potential Consequences
Migraciones, globalizacion y
transancionalismo [In Spanish ]
Retos y problemas en las migraciones
en el siglo XXI. [In Spanish]
Mexico as a Destination
Türkçe Oturumlar [In Turkish]
Bu oturumlarda göç üzerine Türkçe olarak
hazırlanmış çalışmalar yer alacaktır.Türkiye’de Göç Deneyimleri
Edebiyat, Sanat ve Göç [In Turkish]
[Bu oturumlarda sunum dili Turkcedir.]Edebiyat ve Göç
Göçmen edebiyatı
Romanlarda göç ve göçmenler
Oyun ve göç
Sinemada göç ve göçmenler
Göçmen sineması
Diaspora edebiyatı
Diaspora sanatı
Drama, sanat ve göçmen uyumu
Edebi teori ve göç
Sanat ve yazında çatışma modeli


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Special Sessions
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Non-exclusive list of further topics:

Migration Mobility Integration Identity Development
Refugees Migration Policy and Law Remittances Labour migration Diasporas
Gender and sexuality Unemployment Discrimination Migrant workers Insecurity
Cultures of migration Arts and Literature Conflict and insecurity Expats Irregular migration
Religion Domestic workers Brexit and migration Post-truth US-Mexico
Russia and Central Asia Germany and Central Europe South Asia African migrations Turkish migration
Southern Europe Mediterranean Boats and migrants Anti-immigration Xenophobia
Australasia China and Chinese migrations High skilled movers Internal migration Migration Theory
Demography Population change Data and methods Populism(s) and migration “High value” migrants