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The Migration Conference 2024 | 3 to 9 July 2024 Mexico City

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The Migration Conference 2024 is hosted by the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico.  

Main language of the Conference is English, with special sessions and streams in other languages. You can submit special session(s) with 3-5 papers’ abstracts in other languages including Spanish. We always look for expanding language coverage with special sessions in languages other than English. Please feel free to submit full special sessions in other languages via In-person sessions: 3-5 July 2024 and 8-9 July 2024 online sessions only.

The TMC is a venue for academics, policymakers, practitioners, students and everybody who is interested in intelligent debate and research informed discussions on human mobility and its impacts around the world. 

The Migration Conferences were launched in 2012. Previous 11 conferences have been attended every year by about 500 participants coming from all around the world. The latest conferencewas held in Hamburg, Germany (2023).

The Migration Conference stands as a globally recognized peer-reviewed scholarly gathering, subject to rigorous peer review. Submissions for TMC undergo a meticulous evaluation process, overseen by the Conference Committee members and ad hoc reviewers scrutinising submissions on aspects such as scientific merit, style, and presentation. Referees, designated by the Track chairs and Chairs, play an integral role in maintaining an impartial assessment. Reviewer identities remain confidential, shielding the authors from knowing who assessed their work. 

Authors are expected to adhere closely to provided guidelines and thoughtfully address feedback while preparing their final manuscripts and presentations. This collaborative process ensures the highest quality of contributions and maintains the scholarly integrity that defines The Migration Conference.

The abbreviated title of The Migration Conference is: TMC