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The Migration Conference 2024 | 3 to 9 July 2024 Mexico City

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The Migration Conference 2024 is hosted by the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico.  

The Migration Conference is an annual academic conference that focuses on the multidisciplinary study of migration. It serves as a platform for researchers, scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students from around the world to come together and discuss various aspects of migration, including its causes, consequences, policies, and impacts on societies.

The conference covers a wide range of topics related to migration, including but not limited to:

  1. Migration patterns and trends
  2. Asylum seekers and refugees
  3. Diaspora and transnational communities
  4. Integration, diasporas and transnational communities
  5. Gender, identities and migration
  6. Law, policy and human rights
  7. Work, employment and society
  8. Education and migration
  9. Health, wellbeing and migration
  10. Climate change and migration
  11. Families, Children and migration
  12. Economics, development and remittances
  13. Politics, political processes and migration

The Migration Conference provides a forum for exchanging ideas, presenting research findings, and networking with colleagues who share an interest in migration studies. It welcomes contributions from various disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, geography, political science, economics, law, and public health.

The conference is organized by an international team of scholars and is hosted in different locations each year, attracting participants from diverse backgrounds and regions. It offers opportunities for both established researchers and early career scholars to engage in discussions, collaborate on projects, and enhance their understanding of migration issues.

Overall, The Migration Conference plays a vital role in advancing knowledge and understanding of migration dynamics and contributes to informed policymaking and effective interventions in the field of migration studies.

The Migration Conference stands as a globally recognized peer-reviewed scholarly gathering, subject to rigorous peer review. Submissions for TMC undergo a meticulous evaluation process, overseen by the Conference Committee members and ad hoc reviewers scrutinising submissions on aspects such as scientific merit, style, and presentation. Referees, designated by the Track chairs and Chairs, play an integral role in maintaining an impartial assessment. Reviewer identities remain confidential, shielding the authors from knowing who assessed their work. Presenters/Authors are expected to adhere closely to provided guidelines and thoughtfully address feedback while preparing their final manuscripts and presentations. This collaborative process ensures the highest quality of contributions and maintains the scholarly integrity that defines The Migration Conference.

The abbreviated title of The Migration Conference is: TMC