The Migration Conference 2024 Programme 

The TMC 2024 Mexico City will be held from 3 to 9 July 2024. In-person sessions will be held on 3-4-5 July 2024 and virtual programme will run on 8-9 July 2024.

Please see the programme of 2023 Hamburg Conference:

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Please note room numbers are indicated in session titles

Day One 23 August 2023 Wednesday. 

Day One 23 August 2023 – 09:30-12:15

Opening Session [Rechtshaus Hörsaal] 3

Day One 23 August 2023 Wednesday.

Day One 23 August 2023 – 13:15-14:45.

Day One 23 August 2023 – 15:00-16:30.

Day Two 24 August 2023 – 09:00-10:30.

Day Two 24 August 2023 – 10:45-12:15.

Day Two 24 August 2023 – 13:15-14:45

Day Two 24 August 2023 – 15:00-16:30

Day Two 24 August 2023 – 17:00-19:00

ROUNDTABLE: “Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence in Migration and Asylum” [Rechtshaus Hörsaal]

Day Three 25 August 2023 Friday.

Day Three 25 August 2023 – 09:30-11:00. 

Day Three 25 August 2023 – 11:15-12:45.


Day Three 25 August 2023 Friday.

Day Three 25 August 2023 – 11:15-12:45.

Day Three 25 August 2023 – 13:45-15:15. 

Day Three 25 August 2023 – 15:30-17:00

Day Four 26 August 2023 Saturday.

Day Four 26 August 2023 – 09:30-11:00.

Day Four 26 August 2023 – 11:15-13:00


Day One 23 August 2023 Wednesday

Day One 23 August 2023 – 09:30-12:15

Opening Session [Rechtshaus Hörsaal]   [VIRTUAL ACCESS]

09:30-12:15  Opening Session and Plenary

  • Welcome Address: Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur, Vice Dean for International Relations of Universität Hamburg, Germany
  • Dr. Hauke Heekeren, President of Universität Hamburg
  • Anna Hofmann, ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius
  • Dr. Ibrahim Sirkeci, Conference Chair, University of Salford, UK

Opening Plenary: Migration and Human Rights Challenges: Bridging Perspectives between Germany, the European Union and Latin America
Keynote Speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bast, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
  • Prof. Dr. Luisa Feline Freier De Ferrari, Universidad del Pacifico

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Passcode: 78538332


12:15-13:15 LUNCH BREAK


Day One 23 August 2023 Wednesday

Day One 23 August 2023 – 13:15-14:45

1A      Arts, Literature and Migration [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Alicia Rusoja, University of California, Davis, USA

275     The refugee as the reverse side of the world of wealth in Uğur Gallenkuş’s collages

          Ewelina Kaczmarczyk

561     Writing in Exile: Easterine Kire’s Creative Responses to the Nagaland Conflict

          Imti Watitula Longkumer

123     Real Change Requires More from Us and Not Just More of Us: Latinx Immigrants in the U.S. Resisting Legal Violence by Reading, Writing, and Mobilizing Communal Organizing Literacies

          Alicia Rusoja

68      Mappilas, Migration and Music: The Emotional Voyages of Kerala

          Shibinu S and Mohamed Haseeb N


1B      Diverse Policy Treatments of Migrants, Asylum-Seekers and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): Critical Reflections from Greece, Spain and Ukraine [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Megan Denise Smith, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

1001   Beyond Integration: Measuring the Quality of Life of People with a Migration Background in Barcelona Using the Capabilities Approach

          Eva Fortes

1003   Rethinking Refugee Camps: Opportunities for Labour Force Preparation in Lesvos, Greece

          Liana Wool

1004   Responding to Displacement in Ukraine: Changing Socio-Economic Needs and Protection

          Chissey Mueller

1002   The Securitisation of Migration at Europe’s Southern Border: Policies of Violence against Migrants and Asylum-Seekers in the Canary Islands

          Megan Denise Smith



1C      Economics, Work and Migration 1 [BG 5/6] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair  Stefan Schlegel, Bern University, Switzerland

392     Transactions on the market for Services as an institutional bypass: Implications for the regulation of migration

          Stefan Schlegel                    

290     The labour market integration of female immigrants: A cohort analysis on Germany

          Tanja Fendel                     

318     Spatial Mismatch and Migrant Employment in Germany: A Spatial Robust Durbin Model Analysis

          Mohamed Ennebch and Moubarek Amine Berdaa

491     Against the Tide: Opportunities for Capital Circulation among Transnational Entrepreneurs

          Tanja Schroot and Roberta Ricucci



1D     Education and Skilled Migration 1 [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Gökay Özerim, Yaşar University, Turkey

486     From Migrant Workers to Professional Teachers: The Reintegration of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) through “Sa Pinas, Ikaw ay Ma’am, Sir” (SPIMS) Program

          Jocelyn Celero and Rowena Hibanada

179     Alone or with support though? The role of private intermediaries in the migration of doctors – the case of Poland

          Kamil Matuszczyk

317     Spatial Analysis of Youth TVET education, Insertion, Migration and Regional Economic Growth in Morocco Using GWR

          Mohamed Ennebch, Moubarek Amine Berdaa, Ahmed Bassibas, Youssef Haddou Amar, Meryem Ragbi

1126   Diversity and Gender Equality Plans for Managing Diversity and Preventing Discrimination in Higher Education Institutions

Gökay Özerim, Burcu Kiper, Güldan Kalem


1E     Migration, Law and Policy 1 [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Ülkü Sezgi Sözen, Universität Hamburg, Germany

166     It’s the Politics, Stupid: Official Chinese conceptualizations of migration and mobility

          Carsten Schäfer

73      Securitizing migration in times of crisis

          Laura Planas Gifra

226     Labour Shortage, Open Door Policy and Sabah (Malaysia) State’s Dilemma

          Ramli Dollah                    

151     The Experience of First-Hand Contact with Street Level Bureaucracy among Long-Term Slavic Migrants in Poland

          Jan Bazyli Klakla


1F      Migration and Integration 1 [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Paulette Schuster, Reichman University, Israel

361     Empathic approach as a key for sustainable integration of migrants into the society and labor market

          Amira Bieber, Mohammed Issifu, and Turker Saliji

264     More than Learning the Lingo? A Review of the Literature on the Roles of Language Cafés in the Integration of People on the Move Settling in Europe

          Majbritt Lyck-Bowen

419     Beyond the integration on social structures – Wellbeing and personal expectations on the integration of refugees in Portugal

          Marta Lemos

169     Ethnic Eateries in the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv as a Microcosm of Immigration

          Paulette Schuster


1G     Göç Çalışmaları 1 [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı, Anadolu University, Turkey

416     6 Şubat Kahramanmaraş Depremleri Sonrasi Zorunlu İç Göç: Eskişehir Örneği

          Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı ve Gül Sevi Üçüncü

478     Seçim Sürecinde Sığınmacılar Uyum, Eğitim ve Gelecek: 2023 Seçim Sürecinde Partilerin ve Cumhurbaşkanı Adaylarının Göçmen ve Sığınmacılar Hakkındaki Görüşleri

          Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı ve Ali Faruk Yaylacı

428     Brain Drain of Health Workers from Turkey to Germany and Its Results: Possibilities of Brain Gain

          Fuat Güllüpınar ve Gamze Kaçar Tunç


14:45-15:00 BREAK



Day One 23 August 2023 – 15:00-16:30

2A      Wellbeing and Migration 1 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Jeffrey H. Cohen, Ohio State University, USA

324     The mental health effects of asylum status for refugees in Germany from a longitudinal perspective: A Growth mixture model

          Judith Masselmann, Maria-Therese Friehs, Maarten van Zalk

424     Health-related issues in the forced migrations context: an intersectional and multi-level approach in the recognition of international protection, from the European to the Italian experience

          Sara Battistello and Chiara Lucchini

250     Determinants of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Syrian Refugees living in Turkey between 2011-2017: Analysis by Gender and City

          Alime Tombak

441     Improving Consents and the Delivery of Healthcare for Immigrants and Refugees

Benjamin Levy


2B     History and Migration 1 [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Caner Tekin, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany

245     The “Long Duree” Practice in Exploring the Iban’s Migration to the State of Sabah, Malaysia 1940-2011

          Amrullah Maraining

145     The Story of a Revolution: Czech and Slovak Migration from Historical Central Europe Lands to the U.S.

          Sezgin Uysal and Martin Guzi

369     Counterparts or Self-operating? Pro-AKP Migrant Organisations in Germany

Sezer İdil Göğüş


2C     Mexico as a Source and a Destination Country [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Carla Pederzini Villarreal, University of Iberoamericana, Mexico

1116   Adaptation of a community health outreach model during the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of the Mexican Consulates in the United States of America

          Pablo Gaitan Rossi, Mireya Vilar-Compte, Arturo Vargas-Bustamante

1117   Does Lighter means Healthier? Skin color and health status among Mexican immigrants

          Erika Arenas, Luis Ruvalcaba, Graciela Teruel

1118   What do Mexicans think about newcomers? A qualitative analysis of immigrant local perceptions

          Karla Valenzuela Moreno and Marilyn Román Bejarano

1119   Labor force participation of Central American migrant men and women in Mexico

Liliana Meza González and Carla Pederzini Villarreal


2D     Migraciones and Transnacionalismo 1 [BG 5/6] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Pascual Garcia, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

450     Biopolítica y migración: Un análisis de las condiciones del desplazamiento centroamericano por el Noroeste de México

          Julio César Félix Chávez and Nayeli Burgueño Angulo

492     Ecuador de país emisor de migrantes a tránsito y destino de millón de venezolanos

          Pascual Garcia

431     Migración de transito de centroamericanos por Zacatecas México hacia Estados Unidos

          Pascual Gerardo García Zamora and Juan Lamberto Herrera Martínez

313     Vivir de las remesas sociales: Historias de vida de 6 familias ecuatorianas migrantes

          Martha Sofia Garcia Guerrero, Ruben García, Analy Guaman Carrion


2E     Migration, Law and Policy 2 [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Thomas Richter, German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Germany

1127   Emotions and extremism: The connection of discrimination, anger and the acceptance of political violence

          Rebecca Endtricht

1128   Effects of the perception of human rights violations and protests in Iran on Islamophobic attitudes towards Muslims in Germany: Results of two representative surveys and a survey experiment

Peter Wetzels and Thomas Richter

1129   Declines in Perceptions of Fairness and Legitimacy as Precursors of Political Radicalisation in Times of Crisis

          Diego Farren and Katrin Brettfeld


2F      Migration and Environment [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Jara Al-Ali, Universität Hamburg, Germany

435     The European Union facing Environmental Migration: An Interpretive Policy Analysis of the report on “The Impact of Climate Change on Vulnerable Populations in Developing Countries”

Armelle Wafo

289     Environmental Inequities and Urban Migration: An Analysis of Climate Injustice for Syrian Communities in Istanbul

          Elif Bengi Güneş and Osman Balaban

61      Climate Induced Migration and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR): A descriptive study based on climate induced displacement in Pakistan

Syed Imran Haider, Muhammad Ali Awan, Shahzad Ahmed Shiz

517     Climate Im(mobility) under the lens of climate justice

Marilia Papaléo Gagliardi


2G     Migration and Integration 2 [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Zeynep Banu Dalaman, Istanbul Topkapi University, Turkey

308     A latent profile analysis of Germans’ psychological responses to refugees: Patterns of threat perceptions, attitudes, intergroup emotions, and their antecedents

          Saskia Schubert and Tobias Ringeisen

429     Migration. Integration? Trends, impacts and solutions and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy

          Mariann Dömös

246     Plurale Agencies zur Geschichte der Flucht im 21. Jh.: Agency-Konstellationen und Symmetrisierungen von Fluchtbewegungen nach Deutschland

          Andres Otalvaro

366     Examining Leftist background and Ethno-national Identity in Political Attitude of Kurdish Immigrants in Western Europe

          Sabah Mofidi

1000   Syrian Refugees’ Behavior in Jordan, Egypt, and Germany: Experimental Evidence

Stefan Voigt








Day Two 24 August 2023 Thursday

Day Two 24 August 2023 – 09:00-10:30

3A      Insecurities and Migration 1 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Zeynep Banu Dalaman, Istanbul Topkapi University, Turkey

143     “How do I run a business in South Africa without foreigners?” Movers’ Right to Work

          Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp

172     Mexican migrants, mobility and insecurity: Does criminalization matter?

          Jeffrey H. Cohen

495     Negotiating home and host country belonging among Turkish-origin students in Germany aftermath of the earthquake in their home country Turkey

          Hande Erdem Möbius

390     The Impact of 6 February Earthquake on Internal Migration in Türkiye: A Comprehensive Analysis

          Zeynep Banu Dalaman


3B     Göç Çalışmaları 2 [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Deniz Yetkin Aker, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Turkey

418     Toplumsal Cinsiyet ve Göçmen Kadınlar: Eskişehir Örneği

          Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı ve Gül Sevi Üçüncü                    

409     Konya’da Çok-Etnili Mekânlarda Etnografik Bir Çalışma: Sınırlar, Bedenleşme ve Hayaletler

          Gamze Kaçar Tunç ve Fuat Güllüpınar            

568     Türkiye’deki Mültecilerin Ekonomik Entegrasyonları: Tekirdağ Ferhadanlı Mahallesi Afgan Göçmenler Örneği

          Deniz Yetkin Aker, İdris Akkuzu, Murat Deniz

207     Mültecilerde Bağımlılık Riski Haritasının Oluşturulması ve Çözüme Yönelik Model Önleme Programı İnşası

         Muhammed Refik Tekeli


3C     Migration and Gender 1 [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Olivia Joseph-Aluko, RADET, UK

358     Values of Ukrainian Refugees in Austria: Gender Roles, Attitudes toward Democracy, and Confidence in International Institutions

          Bernhard Riederer, Isabella Buber-Ennser, Ingrid Setz, Judith Kohlenberger, Bernhard Rengs

527     The Economic Integration of Racialized Immigrant Women: A Community-Based Photovoice Study in Ontario, Canada: Migration and Gender

          Bharati Sethi

63      Women’s essential roles as change agents in humanitarian and development responses and post-conflict reconstruction/reconciliation

          Candost Aydin, Nur Sultan Cirakman, Matthias Weissenbach


3D     Remittances 1 [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Zeeshan Hashim, Brunel University, UK

321     The spatial spillover effects of migration on sustainable development in the European Union: A Durbin model approach

          Mohamed Ennebch, Nouhaila Kamsa, Moubarek Amine Berdaa, Aomar Ibourk

272     Trade-Based Informal Remittances System: Trade-Based Informal Remittances System: A Case Study of Afghan Migrants in Turkey

          Mohammad Eyüp Babur        

378     Emotional Earmarking: Insights on Overseas Remittances and Emotions from A Mixed Methods Study

          Jeremaiah Opiniano

488     The Pitfalls of Remittances Dependence –Non-linear Effect of Remittances on Institutions

          Zeeshan Hashim


3E     Migration, Law and Policy 3  [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Zeynep Üskül Engin, Galatasaray University, Turkey

78      At ‘home’ in Tel Aviv: Eritrean asylum seekers – forever status-less?

          Arie Herscovici and Lilach Lev- Ari                

292     Regularization as Strategy of Control: Reflections on Migration Governance in Mercosur, South America

          Dorothea Biaback Anong

367     Investigation of Neighborhoods Closed to Migration in Terms of Sociology of Law: The Case of Istanbul

          Dolunay Çörek Akyıldız, Zeynep Üskül Engin, Bengisu Mert


3F      Migration and Integration 3 [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Karla Valenzuela, University of Iberoamericana, Mexico

259     Prospects for Inclusion of Immigrants and Refugees: The Case of Japan with Special Consideration of its “Cultural Coexistence”

          Aoi Mochizuki                  

6        Migration, integration and alienation: Migrants’ reflections on acceptance and hospitality in Western Canada

          Nathalie Piquemal and Faiçal Zellama

109     Economic news consumption and attitudes toward immigrant and ethnic minorities in times of crisis

          Nonna Kushnirovich and Sabina Lissitsa

284     Essential Hands, Invisible Worker: The Lives of Black Migrants in America

          Yasin Kakande




3G     Education and Skilled Migration 2 [BG 5/6] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı, Anadolu University, Turkey

170     Types of Learning Promoted though Volunteer Non-Formal and Informal Educational Projects in Contemporary Greece: Educational, Cultural, Economic and Political Dimensions

          Dionysios Gouvias and Marianthi Oikonomakou

188     The source of trust and vulnerability: Association of Turkish immigrants to the healthcare system in Poland during the pandemic

          Gizem Karaköse and Filiz Göktuna Yaylacı

132     Brain circulation? The mobility of Chinese students studying in Taiwan

          Yumiko Nakahara

116     Skills dimension of Pakistani international Migrant workers

          Syed Imran Haider, Muhammad Ali Awan, Shahzad Ahmed Shiz


10:30-10:45 BREAK





Day Two 24 August 2023 – 10:45-12:15

4A      Youth, Children and Families 1 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Paulette Schuster, Reichman University, Israel

347     Irregular Migration Among Nigerian Youth: Stemming the Tide

          Gloria Anetor and Nathaniel Omotoba

211     Music as a catalyst for bio-psycho-social transformation for refugee youth

Eva Marija Vukich and Hala Hamdan

115     Court-To-Court Dialogue: Challenges for the Protection of Children in Migration Processes

          Laila Roxina Moliterno Abi Cheble

251     Youth Labor Migration vs Youth Bulge in the Central Asia Region

          Liudmila Konstants


4B     Insecurities and Migration 2 [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Anas Karzai, Laurentian University, Canada

247     Perpetual War-Logic and Global Refugees

          Anas Karzai

454     Twofold migration: The Story of Awiwi Town in Niger Republic

          Maryam Liman

282     Perpetrators’ Trauma: Emotional State of Immigrants from Russia who Disapprove of the Invasion of Ukraine

          Mukhina Varvara


4C     Remittances 2 [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Ahmad Walid Barlas, Greifswald University, Germany

268     International standards of Migrant Domestic Workers and the Kafala System in Lebanon

          Nadine El-Dekmak

377     Differences in Rural Investment Climates for Remittances: Mixed Methods Results and Findings from The Philippines

Jeremaiah Opiniano

483     Political Change and Poverty among Rural Households in Afghanistan: Evidence from Marmul District, Balkh Province

          Ahmad Walid Barlas


4D     Migration, Law and Policy 4 [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Lilach Lev Ari, Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel

161     Challenges of Legal Clinics in the Context of Immigration Detention: An Assessment of the Current Situation between (Political) Activism and Voluntary Legal Advice in Germany

          Hannah Franz

458     Estimating the Shocks of the Irregular Migration Phenomenon on Public Spending by using time series models

          Iliuta Cumpanasu

293     Legal aid platform Linking Help z.s.: UA.SUPPORT

          Kateryna Balaban and Jana Schneider

214     Is it just because of anti-migration border fences? Why Israel’s Border Barriers Worked?

          Lilach Lev Ari and Arnon Medzini


4E     Theory and Methods in Migration Studies 1 [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: H. Yaprak Civelek, Anadolu University, Turkey

420     “There is no freedom anymore”. The impact of Canada’s COVID policies on migrants’ return intentions and strategies. A case study of Poles living in Toronto

Agnieszka Malek

287     Understanding the Determinants of Migration Intentions – An Individual and Spatial Perspective

          Fares Ben Youssef and Mohamed Kriaa

562     A Critical Perspective on “Online” Research Practice in Population Studies

  1. Yaprak Civelek

223     Mobility governance and ambivalent humanitarian protection in Brazil: continuities and changes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Gisela P. Zapata


4F      Migration and Integration 4 [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Gökay Özerim, Yasar University, Turkey

518     Occupational Attainment of Second Generation of Ethnic Minority Immigrants in the UK:  An Analysis Using Labour Force Survey 2014-2018

Rukhsana Kausar and Issam Malki

316     The Transnational Generations and Education: The models of Integration in Qatari Schools

          Abdullah Arbabi

501     Excercises in Estrangement: Experiments in an Italian School at the Border

          Giulia Zanfabro

380     Social Farming for the Integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers: An Italian Case Study

          Giuseppe Gambazza


4G     Special Panel: Universidad Iberoamericana’s research and advocacy actions in the field of Human Mobility [BG 5/6] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Panelists: Carla Pederzini, Karla Valenzuela, Andrea Margarita Nuñez

In 2020, scholars and professionals committed to study and advocate for Human Rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees at Universidad Iberoamericana, got together to reflect upon the most important issues concerning migration in Mexico and suggest public policy actions to improve the conditions of people on the move in Mexico. The results of these gatherings are two documents that serve as a Statement of Purpose concerning migration policy in the country.

The purpose of this panel is to present our most recent Statement of Purpose, issued in May 2023, which analyzes the following topics: Government, State and law in contemporary migrations; The role of the media and government narratives; Migrant integration and Mexico as a destination and origin country; Mobility and its consequences on mental and emotional health; and Climate migration.

View full document in Spanish here


12:15-13:15 LUNCH BREAK



Day Two 24 August 2023 – 13:15-14:45

5A      Wellbeing and Migration 2 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair  Adi Binhas, Beit-Berl College, Israel

35      English “I’m like a chameleon”: Coping Strategies Used by Haredi Women Doctoral Students Reconciling Their Religious and Academic Identities: Haredi Women

          Adi Binhas           

174     A study on mental and physical well-being of immigrant women during the post COVID-19 time – an overview of changing workplaces

          Khadijah Kainat

258     A Study of The Detrimental Impact of Covid 19: With Special Emphasis on Female Migrant Workers in New Delhi, India

          Niimisha Kaul

175     Trauma Exposure among Central American Immigrants  Seeking Asylum at the U.S.-Mexico Border

          Alfonso Mercado and Frances Morales


5B     Migraciones and Transnacionalismo 2 [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: José Salvador Cueto-Calderón, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico

148     El Régimen de Refugiados en Chile: Un análisis al desarrollo institucional entre 2010 y 2022

          Byron Duhalde y Adriana Palomera

147     Entre la permanencia y la reemigración: factores asociados a las intenciones migratorias de la población venezolana en Montevideo

          Martín Koolhaas y Julieta Bengochea

451     Migración de tránsito en México: el papel del Estado y la política de contención migratoria en la Ruta del Pacífico

          José Salvador Cueto Calderón


5C     Insecurities and Migration 3 [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Olga Gulina, +Benefit Research, Germany

274     The interrelationship between the war in Ukraine and the precarization of Central Asian migrant workers in the Russian labor market

          Anastasia Blouchoutzi

164     Displaced Security: Understanding refugees’ sense of safety through their resettlement experiences in Montreal, Canada

          Krystal Tennessee

29      Scapegoated or Reality? Undocumented Migration, Poverty, inequality, and the Struggle for Jobs: Reflections from South Africa

          Victor H. Mlambo

232     A new Russia’s Emigres in Berlin

          Olga Gulina




5D     Migration and Gender 2 [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: H. Yaprak Civelek, Anadolu University, Turkey

423     Queer Compassion: A phenomenological exploration of LGBT+ participation in migration activism

Valentina Massone

242     Queer, Iranian and in exile: Comparing the experiences of Iranian queer refugees living in Turkey, the UK and Canada

          Nuno Ferreira                   

153     A shift towards positivity through migration in Japan: New Chapter in South Asian Masculinities

          Afsana Begum

396     LGBTIQ+ refugees vs. refugees who are LGBTIQ+

          Annamari Vitikainen


5E     Migration, Law and Policy 5 [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Styliani Christoforidou, Hellenic Open University, Greece

130     Dichotomy at the Curzon Line: Legal and Political Aspects of the Differential Treatment of Migrants at Poland’s Borders with Belarus and Ukraine

          Magdalena Bogucewicz and Julia Kienast

1122   Time as a governance tool and case workers’ perceptions of processing times in the Swedish immigration system

          Hilda Gustafsson

162     Critical examination of repatriation programmes in the EU periphery (The case of Kosovo)

          Valon Junuzi

47      Decent living conditions for asylum seekers and refugees. The problem of protection in Greece

          Styliani Christoforidou


5F      Migration and Integration 5 [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Pascual Garcia, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

496     Intercultural Mediators in Healthcare Settings: Vulnerability and Empowerment

          Marianna Ginocchietti                      

285     “The House that Jack Built:” DIY Housing Renovations and Integration-through-Materiality by Russian-speaking Migrants in Japan

          Ksenia Golovina

279     The Symbolic Violence against Minority group in Korean society: Focusing on the Moderated Effect of Multicultural Activities between Multicultural Acceptability and Perceived Risk towards immigrants

          Youn-young Lee

100x   “We’re constantly fighting for that opportunity”: A Qualitative Study of Access Barriers to Sexual and Reproductive Health for Hispanic Immigrant Women in the United States

Jessica Merone, Rossella De Falco, Paola Degani


5G     Migration Policy [BG5/6] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Jara Al Ali, Hamburg University, Germany

81      Compatibility of the EU-Turkey Statement to EU Law and International Human Rights Law

          Havva Yesil

252     Nature-Based Belongings in the UK: National and Local Policies

          Azadeh Fatehrad

186     Public universities in Poland as actors helping forced migrants from Ukraine: case study of SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Jan Misiuna, Pawel Kubicki, Marta Pachocka, Dominik Wach

58      The Return Emigrants of Kerala Amid COVID 19: Role of Institutional Governance in The Rehabilitation Efforts

          Shibinu S


14:45-15:00 BREAK


Day Two 24 August 2023 – 15:00-16:30

6A      Youth, Children and Families 2 [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Liat Yakhnich, Beit Berl College, Israel

17      Parent-Child Relationships and Future Parenting among Immigrant Young Adults in Israel

          Liat Yakhnich and Rinat Michael

225     The topic of migration and tolerance among the younger generation: on the example of the students at al-Farabu KazNU Faculty of Journalism

          Marlan Negizbayeva            

238     Mobilities Among Marginalized Youth in Morocco: Precariousness, Agency and Networks

          Boutaina Ismaili Idrissi and Rachid Touhtou

471     Growing Together with Your Pregnancy: A Space Where Newly Arrived Immigrant Pregnant Mothers Belong

          Silvia Juarez-Marazzo


6B     Migraciones and Transnacionalismo 3 [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Pascual Garcia, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

215     Una aproximación sociocultural al sufrimiento de mujeres latinoamericanas migrantes en trabajo doméstico, en Alemania y en España, durante la pandemia de COVID-19

          Ivette Alejandra Abanto Ramos, Ximena Pamela Claudia Díaz Bermúdez, Alejandro Goldberg

14      Experiencias de integración y motivaciones de retorno de uruguayos retornados de España en el contexto de la Gran Recesión

          Martín Koolhaas                             

230     Las migraciones centroamericanas por México durante el gobierno de López Obrador (2018-2022) caracterizado por la militarización de las políticas migratorias, la mayor subordinación a Estados Unidos y un enorme costo social para los migrantes

          Rodolfo García Zamora y Selene Gaspar Olvera                          


6C     Migration, Religion, and Religious Groups [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Deniz Cosan Eke, University of Vienna, Austria

399     Civil Society in defense of religious rights: the Islamic Civil Society in France and its strategies in achieving Muslims’ rights

          Enrico Maria la Forgia

171     Reversion/Religious Conversion and Networks: Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia: Filipino converts and social networks

          Simeon Magliveras

385     Crafting Muslim Selves: Understanding the Authority of Mosques among Pakistani Muslim Diaspora in Australia

          Tasmia Jahangir

555     The Politics of Emotion in Interfaith Dialogue in the Time of Migration

          Deniz Cosan Eke


6D     Migration, Law and Policy 6  [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Olivia Joseph-Aluko, RADET, UK

382     1.5 and 2nd generation diaspora engagement in complex humanitarian crises: Case Studies from Haiti, Syria, and Sudan

          Kirstie Kwarteng

444     Weaponizing public health policies to exclude and expel the unwelcomed migrants: The Use of Title 42 in the US

          William Arrocha

291     Freedom of movement in the “Mercado Común del Sur” (Mercosur): A human rights approach and its conflictual implementation

          Zoé Maja Perko

146     International Migration and Human Trafficking

          Olivia Joseph-Aluko


6E     Theory and Methods in Migration Studies 2 [BG 5/6] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: H. Yaprak Civelek, Anadolu University, Turkey

319     Working with a range of under-served disability and migrant communities using innovative and inclusive participatory methods – the CICADA study

          Carol Rivas, Kusha Anand, Amanda P Moore

391     The Legal Regulations on Migrant Women Working in Domestic Services in Türkiye from the Perspective of Feminization of Migration

          Zeynep Banu Dalaman and Deniz Bade Akkoyun

191     Defection and human rights activism by North Korean refugee women in the UK: through the lens of hermeneutic phenomenology

          Hyun-Joo Lim

265     Presumed (Illegal) Migration Trajectories of Serbian Youth in the Context of the Culture of Migration

          Mirjana Stanojević


6F      Economics, Work and Migration 2 [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Gökay Özerim, Yaşar University, Turkey

88      ‘Xenophobia on all fronts’: The case of South Africa

          Amanuel Isak Tewolde                     

309     Analyzing the Vulnerability of Overseas Filipino Workers to Radicalization and Violent Extremism:  Basis for the Development of a New PDOS Module for Prevention

Renante David

138     The Global Ethiopian Diaspora: An Historical, Geographic and Thematic Overview

          Hewan Girma, Mulugeta Dinbabo, and Shimelis Gulema

117     Migration and violence experiences: exploratory study

Syed Imran Haider


6G     Migration and Integration 6 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Mónica Ibáñez Angulo, University of Burgos, Spain

469     Informal Microfinancing Systems and Networks: Transnational Senegalese Tontines in the Migratory Context

          Mónica Ibáñez Angulo

395     Unresolved ambiguities – Unaccompanied minor refugees experience with integration as a false promise of belonging in Norway

          Hans Aksel Choudhari

306     Examining Sex trafficking in the Caribbean

Joan Phillips

558     The Migration, Integration and Territorial/Spatial Context: The Case of Inner (isolated) Areas in Italy

          Hilde Caroli Casavola


16:30-17:00 BREAK



Day Two 24 August 2023 – 17:00-19:00

ROUNDTABLE: “Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence

in Migration and Asylum” [Rechtshaus Hörsaal] [VIRTUAL ACCESS]

Convener:       Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur, Universität Hamburg [Conference Chair]


  • Dr. Daniel Thym, Universität Konstanz
  • Dr. Mario Savino, University of Tuscia
  • Dr. Gabriele Buchholtz, Universität Hamburg
  • Derya Ozkul Kusoglu, University of Oxford, UK


Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Passcode: 06614235








Day Three 25 August 2023 Friday

Day Three 25 August 2023 – 09:30-11:00

7A      Theory and Methods in Migration Studies 3 [UG14] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: H. Yaprak Civelek, Anadolu University, Turkey

340     Partnering with youth and families in the service of education justice: Insights from community-based research

Maria Paula Ghiso and Hans Gerald Campano

125     Migration without movement: Arrival, Immobility and Edo Identity Formation

          Osarugue Otebele

120     Growths in-between places: Identity formation process and authentic self(s) of transnational migrants

          Dilvin Dilara Usta

356     The fluidity of return: Changes of (im-)mobility aspirations by returnees in the Casamance, Senegal

          Philipp Roman Jung and Amadou Mballo


7B     Migration, Law and Policy 7 [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Suat Dönmez, Istanbul Topkapi University, Turkey

59      Xenophobism a product of jealousy and ignorance? Interrogating the noise surrounding migrants in South Africa using Ubuntu diplomacy

          Toyin Adetiba

552     ‘They are here only for the short-term’ – How the perception of EU nationals as mobile residents influences their political engagement at local level in post-Brexit England.

          Michele Zadra

235     Migration from Ukraine and EU Migration Policies

          Suat Dönmez


7C     Youth, Children and Families 3 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Gökay Özerim, Yaşar University, Turkey

489     We did it for your future: Parental work migration and educational trajectories of their descendants in the home country

Tanja Schroot and Georgiana Udrea

124     Knowledge Construction of Immigrants in The Digital Age: A Case Study of Young Turkish Immigrants in Germany

          Salih Günay

1125   Analyzing the Council of Europe Recommendation on Supporting Young Refugees in Transition to Adulthood

          Gökay Özerim

498     Age Assessments: Blurring the Lines of Childhood to Adulthood

          Monique Mehmi


7D     Migration, Agency and Insecurity [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Deniz Yetkin Aker, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Turkey

499     What Hinders Migrant Agency? Policy Implications for Fair Migration within the framework of the Western Balkans Regulation

          Miriam Raab and Mariella Falkenhain

267     The Gender Dimensions of Human Security of Forcibly Displaced Refugees in Asia: A Literature Review

          Monira Ahsan

297     Art-informed Methodologies in Refugee and Forced Migration Research from the perspective of research about and with Iranian queer refugees

Nilofar Shidmehr

484     The International Protection System and Forced Labor of Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Findings from Italy

          Natalia Szulc


7E     L’émigration [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Mohamed Khachani, University of Mohammed V, Rabat, Morocco

103     Perception des élèves immigrants des écarts entre les valeurs entre l’école et leurs parents et l’engagement scolaire au secondaire: effet médiateur du sentiment d’appartenance à l’école

          Marie-Laure Rulleau, Kristel Tardif-Grenier, Corinne Hébert, Isabelle Archambault

443     La relation entre la migration et le développement

         Safae Zbat, Zemmouri Ghita, Hakkou El Mehdi

567     Le contexte migratoire dans l’espace euro-mediterraneen: pour une gestion concertee des flux

          Mohamed Khachani


7F      Migration History [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Caner Tekin, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany

261     Refugees Rehabilitation in Pakistan 1947-1961: Process, Policies and Execution

          Nayyer Abbas

417     The history of the migration industry – how had the employers been supported in sourcing the workforce

          Kamil Matuszczyk and Sara Bojarczuk

474     Immigration, Displacement and Linking Objects: Re-assessing the historiography of Four Medieval Historians

Mamata Nanda

513     Turkish Migrant Activism at Plant Level: Works Council Elections in Ford Cologne

          Caner Tekin


11:00-11:15 BREAK



Day Three 25 August 2023 – 11:15-12:45

8A      Reframing the Dynamics of Transformations in Diverse Spaces Within Uneven Migration Regimes [UG13] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Mary Rose Geraldine A. Sarausad, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

1103   Fathering and Social Integration among Japanese Migrant Men in Japanese-Filipino Families: An Ethnographic Inquiry

          Jocelyn Celero

1104   Creative Practices by Russian-speaking Migrant Artists in Japan: Negotiating Gender, Belonging, and Self-fulfillment

          Ksenia Golovina

1106   Migration Management and Bordering Practices in Thailand and Vietnam

          Mary Rose Geraldine A. Sarausad and Reinaruth D. Carlos

1105   Social Integration of International Marriage Migrants: Comparative Analysis of Russian-Speaking Females’ Experiences in Japan and South Korea

          Viktoriya Kim and Natalya Yem



8B     Theory and Methods in Migration Studies 4 [UG11] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: H. Yaprak Civelek, Anadolu University, Turkey

193     The statistical immigrant: Immigration statistics in the Danish welfare state

          Heidi Vad Jønsson

139     Comparative Geographical Analysis of Transnational Social Spaces: Georgian Diasporas in the USA and Latvia

          Ia Iashvili and Tinatin Gvenetadze

140     Brazilian population abroad: the process of research and construction of a data virtual platform about Brazilian emigration

          Camila Escudero

66      Embodied waste laborer: A study of identity, value, and social integration among Pakistanis in a Hong Kong’s informal street economy

          Terence Chun Tat Shum

108     Complexity of parenthood in forced migration: Risk, commitment and moral concerns

          Lejla Sunagic


8C     Education and Skilled Migration 3 [EG17] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Pascual Garcia, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

237     The Determinants of Migration Intention of the Healthcare Professionals in Morocco: An Econometric Analysis

          Boutaina Ismaili Idrissi and Sara Kawkaba

490     Education and Mobility in the lifelong learning construct

          Tanja Schroot and Roberta Ricucci

472     Discrimination Perception of International Students During their Internship and Graduate Schemes Applications in the UK

          Musa Kandemir, Sabrina Colombo, Ibrahim Sirkeci


8D     Migration, Law and Policy 8 [EG15/16] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Ülkü Sezgi Sözen, Universität Hamburg, Germany

1130   Fachkräfte-Einwanderungsgesetz von einer anwaltlichen Sicht

Martin Manzel

1131   Fachkräfte-Einwanderung aus der Recruiting-Praxis

Hayriye Yerlikaya-Manzel

1132   Zuwanderung nach Deutschland aus der Perspektive einer Fachkraft

Aysenur Kölgesiz


8E     Docentes Inmigrantes [BG3/4] VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Natalia Ferrada Quezada, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

1109   Tendencias de la literatura sobre el profesorado inmigrante: ¿dónde está el foco?

          Natalia Ferrada Quezada y Cherie Flores Fernández

1110   ¿Qué nos dice la literatura acerca de las iniciativas para incorporar profesores inmigrantes al sistema escolar?

          Natalia Ferrada Quezada y Cherie Flores Fernández

1111   Los profesores inmigrantes en Chile desde sus experiencias profesionales

          Natalia Ferrada Quezada y Cherie Flores Fernández










Day Three 25 August 2023 Friday


Day Three 25 August 2023 – 11:15-12:45

9A      Migration, Law and Policy V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Hanna Franz, Universität Hamburg, Germany

339     Workshops for Improving Digital Literacy Skills among Refugee Populations

          Mythili Menon, Kaitlyn Hemberger, Mohd Sabra, Murtuza Jadliwala

203     From the politics of closed ports to the politics of faraway ports: Piantedosi decree as a new frontier of populism

          Veronica Romano                                                               

329     The solidarity’s principle in the government of migration between criminalization and sustainability

          Filomena Pisconti

204     Syrian Refugeedom, Post-War Reconstruction and Safe Return

          Sandra Cvikić


9B     Arts, Literature and Migration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Anwesha Das, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, India

75      The Middle Passage and Migration in West African Literature

          Anwesha Das                                            

425     “There is No Place Like Home”: Searching for a Home in Özdamar’s Seltsame Sterne starren zur Erde

          Irem Elbir                                    

206     Memory of emigration and the perception of immigrants in Italy

          Luana Franco-Rocha, Dorothy Louise Zinn, Daniela Salvucci

325     Migration and culture: relocation of representatives of creative industries to Kazakhstan during the war period

          Saida Negizbayeva  


9C     Economics, Work and Migration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Sahizer Samuk, University of Pisa, Italy

413     Local policies of diversity in (post-)industrial cities: unpacking multiculturalism in Italy and Japan

          Magda Bolzoni and Silvia Crivello

497     New ‘crisis’, old challenges and responses: Labour im(mobilities) of Albanian migrants in Greece’s COVID – 19 ‘crisis’

          Maria Panteleou                 

360     Which temporalities for asylum seekers and refugees? The perspective of street-level workers in the Italian asylum system

          Pamela Pasian

219     Talking about the meaning of work: The case of highly skilled Italian migrants abroad

          Sahizer Samuk and Sandra Burchi


9D     History and Migration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Caner Tekin, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany

51      Human migrations, history and law according to “The Nomos of the Earth”

          Orazio Maria Gnerre

221     Migrating beyond the “wave”: transformations of the migratory experience of Brazilian migrants in Portugal (1960-2020)

          Patricia Posch

          Rosa Cabecinhas

          Isabel Macedo

248     Situational Migration and Hidden Histories: A Case Study

          Rochelle Fernandes


9E     Youth, Children and Families V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Gul Ince Beqo, University of Urbino, Italy

271     Network to Credit: Role of Kinship in Punjabi Migration

          Atinder Pal Kaur               

531     Youth Forced Migration Experiences in Southeast Asia

          Rashin Lamouchi

343     Separated but still one? On the complexities of translocal households: Results from a case study in Sierra Leone

Johannes Lückenkötter

446     Transmitting family culture and changing marriage decision strategies in the migration context: cultural and structural dynamics

          Gul Ince-Beqo and Eralba Cela


9F      Göç Çalışmaları V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Betül Dilara Şeker, Van Yuzuncuyil University, Turkey

328     2013-2022 Arasında Türkiye’den Almanya’ya Nitelikli Göç ve İnsani Güven(siz)lik

          Burçe Orhan

538     Sosyo-Ekonomik Gelişmişlik Düzeyi ile Göç Arasındaki İlişki: Van İli Üzerine Bir Araştırma: Sosyo-Ekonomik Gelişmişlik Düzeyi ile Göç Arasındaki İlişki: Van İli Üzerine Bir Araştırma

          Ceren Pehlivan, Bahadır Yüzbaşı, Gökhan Tuncel

540     Ekonomik Yetersizlik İle Göç Arasindaki İlişkinin Ampirik Analizi: Van İlinden Kanitlar

          Ceren Pehlivan ve Bahadır Yüzbaşı

504     Göç Sürecinde Kesişimsellik: Sosyal Psikolojik Bakış Açısı

          Betül Dilara Şeker


9G     Las Migraciones V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Pascual Garcia, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

355     Jóvenes españoles descendientes de familias inmigrantes en las migraciones intra-europeas: ¿la triple ausencia?

          Alberto Capote-Lama y Mónica Belén Fernández-Suarez

494     Discurso de odio en contra de la inmigración: desplazamientos del homo sacer moderno

          Laura Natalia y Rodríguez Ariano

184     The revitalization of rural areas in Spain through the chain migration

          Paula Alonso, Leticia Santaballa, Laura Oso

462     E Percepción negativa respecto a la inmigración venezolana por la mendicidad

Jessica Ordóñez


12:45-13:45 BREAK



Day Three 25 August 2023 – 13:45-15:15


10A    Migration, Law and Policy V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Jara Al-Ali, Universität Hamburg, Germany

436     Management of Massive Asylum Seeker Influx in Kenya and Turkey Through Policy and Law-Making

          Abdülaziz Ahmet Yasar

253     Frontex’s responsibility in third countries: Ensuring accountability in the Western Balkans

          Adnan Smajic

460     Addressing the root causes of migration and improving community resilience by accelerating climate action

          Konstantinos Pappas

381     The Human Rights of Refugees: Status Transition from Illegal Migrants to Asylum Seekers regarding the Supression of Migrant Smuggling as a Transnational Crime

          Blerta Ahmedi, Bekim Nuhija, Stefani Stojchevska, Betim Jahja


10B    Economics, Work and Migration V2  – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Sadaf Mahmood, Women University Multan, Pakistan

257     Understanding the network of diaspora donors, collection, distribution, and utilization of resources by diaspora-funded organizations and institutions; Diaspora philanthropy in Kerala, India

          Afsal K. and Reshmi R. S.

476     Socio-economic Determinants of Labor Movement From Georgia to the Eastern Black Sea Coastal Cities

          Kerim Taşkın

434     Urban-Rural Migration and Its Impact on New Business Models

Ferah Ozgoren Sen, Ebru Bilgen Kocaturk, Nevin Karabıyık Yerden

1120   Human Capital Accumulation and Career Development of Pakistani Labour Migrants in Germany. What Determines their Success?

          Sadaf Mahmood, Beatrice Knerr, Izhar Ahmad Khan


10C    Education and Skilled Migration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Dr Pınar Yazgan, Sakarya University, Turkey

227     The “Not Migrant” Narrative and its Causes: Self-Categorization of the Highly-skilled Migrants in Budapest

          Pınar Dilan Sönmez Gioftsios

373     Barriers and challenges in emigration of semiskilled and unskilled workers of Indian Villages

          Md Musharuddin Sk

41      Innovation and flexibility: Nigerian women in Durban’s informal economy

Sunday Israel Oyebamiji

439     The Education of Immigrants in the Strengthening of Their Citizenship in Brazil

          Luis Renato Vedovato and Ana Clara Fossaluza Vidal Mina


10D    L’émigration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Erhan Kurtarir, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

348     La Place des ONG dans le cadre normatif de protection internationale des réfugiés

          Samira Bikarden

113     L’émigration des ingénieurs marocains à l’étranger : une analyse empirique

          Djamila Chekrouni, Zaynab Benabdallah

510     Réinventer la migration dans la vallée du fleuve Sénégal

          Mohamadou Sall


10E    Las Migraciones V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Pascual Garcia, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador

354     La llegada a la jubilación de los antiguos inmigrantes: la experiencia francesa a través de los marroquíes

          Alberto Capote-Lama

122     El Derecho a la Salud de la Población Migrante Venezolana en Colombia

          Juan Pablo Serrano Frattali

115     Court-To-Court Dialogue: Challenges For The Protection Of Children In Migration Processes

          Laila Roxina y Moliterno Abi Cheble

404     Reflexiones teórico-metodológicas para el estudio de los vínculos familiares transnacionales en México y en Estados Unidos: apuntes de trabajo de campo

          María José Grisel Enríquez-Cabral y Ismael García Castro


10F    Migration and Social Integration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Carla De Tona, University of Bologna, Italy

336     Forging Refugee Identity: On Liminal Spaces, The Arts, and Transcultural Exchange

          Sarah Koellner and Kerrigan von Carlowitz

1123   Which co-participation is possible with migrants? A critical reflection on the organization and co-design of the Usability Tests and of the Public Pilot Implementation during the H2020 MICADO project in Bologna, Italy

          Carla De Tona

541     Investigation of Migration due to Social Environmental Pressure by Geographical Regression: The Example of Van Province

          Çetin Görür and Bahadır Yüzbaşı


15:15-15:30 BREAK



Day Three 25 August 2023 – 15:30-17:00

11A    Migration, Law and Policy V3 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Andrea Romano, University of Barcelona, Spain

45      The use of the transformative intercultural mediation model for immigrants

          Amel Ketani                                              

1108   Retrieving the Solidarity Pillar: Reframing the future of the EU’s free movement of persons from empowering historical legacies

          Cristina Blanco Sío-López                                         

410     Private International Law and Migration: Insights from a Brazilian approach

          Laís Silva Lopes Tavares, Marilda Rosado de Sá Ribeiro, Luís Renato Vedovato

363     Enviromental Refugees and the 1951 refugee convention

          AlBaraa Quradi


11B    Education and Skilled Migration V2  – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: TBC

350     Testimonios as decolonizing tools in EFL teacher education programs to promote reflection and action

          Irasema Mora Pablo

334     Creating a Bilingual Digital Game-Based Learning Platform for Teaching Refugee Children Middle-School Science

          Mythili Menon and JaeHwan Byun

515     The Importance of Intercultural Competence of Educators: Non-EU Lecturers in Baltic States

          Vaiva Chockevičiūtė and Karin Kuimet


11C    Remittances and Development V1  – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Deniz Yetkin Aker, Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University, Turkey

236     Remittances, Healthcare and Education in Morocco: A Micro Econometric Analysis

          Boutaina Ismaili Idrissi, Sara Kawkaba, Ezzrari Abdeljaouad

142     Social remittances from Gulf: Impact on different dimensions of autonomy of the non-migrant wives in Kerala

          Mohd Imran Khan

23      A Quantitative Analysis on the Effect of Remittances on the Socio-Economic Development of Return Migrants

          Sarbani Thakur, Kailash Chandra Das, Tushar Dakua


11D    Youth, Children and Families V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Almudena Macías León, University of Malaga, Spain

1        Culture of migration and aspiration of youth in Kerala

          Sulaiman KM

503     Adolescents’ decision to migrate following parental labour migration. Questions of agency, opportunities, and constraints

          Georgiana Udrea and Gabriela Guiu

445     Approach to the situation of Unaccompanied Migrant Children in Spain

          Almudena Macías León

205     From Left-behind Children to Low-skilled Youth Labor Migrants: chain migration within the kinship networks in Do Thanh Commune (Yen Thanh District of Nghe An Province of Vietnam)

          Thi Van Cao and Thuy Linh Nguyen              


11E    Insecurities and Migration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Afzalur Rahman, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

239     Migrants, the State and Human Trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago

          Andel Andrew and Lue Anda Francis-Blackman

192     The Old Route is New Again: Female Migrant Journeys from The Gambia to the Canary Islands

          Catherine Conrad

461     New Trend, Illegal Migration from Turkey to the USA

          Emrah Cengiz

346     Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Mental Health Challenges and Risk Factors

          Selen Subaşı and Klára Tarkó

437     Multidimensional Poverty, Migration and Human Dignity

Luis Renato Vedovato and Ana Elisa Spaolonzi Queiroz Assis


11F    Migration Governance V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Ana Vila-Freyer, Universidad Latina de México, Mexico

228     Managing Mobility Dangers and Irregular Migration from Africa to Europe: The Role of Migration Governance

          Adedeji Oso

106     Tunisian ‘Escapees’- Sub-Saharan ‘Invaders’: Tunisian Media Discourse(s) on Crimmigration

          Amal Hlioui

466     Old wine in New Bottle? Old Wine in new bottle? Migrants, Discipline and Surveillance in the New Workplaces: A Global South Perspective

          Sumeetha Mokkil Maruthur

210     For every action, and equal reaction? The two paths guiding the (re)making of the North American Migratory System

          Ana Vila-Freyer


11G    Migration and Social Integration V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Apostolos G. Papadopoulos, Harokopio University, Greece

475     Problematising the migration-wellbeing nexus in rural Greece in unequal times

          Apostolos G. Papadopoulos and Loukia-Maria Fratsea

1124   Repopulating small towns by international migration: a mutual interest relationship?

          Michela C. Pellicani 

22      International Migration, Nigerian Diaspora and Gender-Based Violence in the Global North: International Migration, Nigerian Diaspora and Gender-Based Violence in the Global North

          Oláyínká Àkànle and Timileyin Asala

281     Intergenerational transmission of domestic violence in refugee families in Durban, South Africa

          Kassa Maksudi and Shanaaz Hoosain





25 August 2023 Friday


Venue: Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg, Sternschanze 6, 20357 Hamburg, Germany


Day Four 26 August 2023 Saturday


Day Four 26 August 2023 – 09:30-11:00

12A    Theory and Methods in Migration Studies V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Ruchi Singh, Tata Institute, India

432     A Collaborative Open-Source Migration Research Platform

          Jimmy Krozel, Mark Peters, Athina Bikaki, Shaili Dave, Luke Lorentzatos, Ioannis Kakadiaris

157     Quality of data on migrants in the Indian Census

          Reshmi R S, Ram Bhagat, Shalini Sen

15      Highland-Lowland Interaction in Mountain Regions: A Study of Changing Patterns among Bhotiya Tribes of Garhwal Himalaya

          Saurav Kumar

1114   Impact of Machine Learning based Data Imputation on the Prediction and Classification Performance of Refugee Modeling Dataset

          Kazi Tanvir Islam, Esther Mead, Nitin Agarwal


12B    Insecurities and Migration V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Afzalur Rahman, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

168     Exploring Two Categories of Ukrainian War Refugees Abroad, and Their Common Way to the Sure Victory of Ukraine

          Oksana Koshulko

371     The hero across borders: the contemporary myth of the migrant-hero

          Patricia Posch

181     A Risk Taken to Serve the Decision: Challenges of the journey of the Irregular Sub-Saharan African Migrants

          Siham Soulaimi

379     Rohingya Refugees’ perilous journey from Myanmar to Southeast Asia and South Asia: An assessment through criminalization approach

          Afzalur Rahman

177     Chinese women in transnational marriage migration in two British cities, UK

          Lan Lo


12C    Göç Çalışmaları V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Betül Dilara Şeker, Van Yuzuncuyil University, Turkey

408     Kahramanmaraş-Türkiye Depremleri Sonrası Yaşanan Deprem Göçü Üzerine Sosyolojik Bir Çalışma

          Senem Gürkan ve Erkan Perşembe

453     Türkiye’de Deprem ve Göç İlişkisi: Deprem Özelinde Göç

          Sibel Terzioğlu

255     Beklenen İstanbul Depremi Özelinde Teknoloji: Görüntü İşleme ve Yapay Zekâ Algoritmaları Adaptasyonu

          Enis Çetin            

388     Türkiye’de Yükselen Göçmen Karşiti Popülizm: Siyasi Partilerin Seçim Beyannamelerinde Yer Alan Göçmen Politikalarinin Karşilaştirmali Analizi ve Çözüm Önerileri

Irfan Gümüşlü

505     Understanding the Attitudes towards Refugees among the Residents of Izmir, Turkey

          Betül Dilara Şeker and Ibrahim Sirkeci


12D    Migration and Integration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Venera Tomaselli, University of Catania, Italy

384     Extra-European Immigration by Media in EU Public Opinion

          Venera Tomaselli and Rossana Sampugnaro                   

30      Refugees Integration in Greece and Italy (2010 -2020): A Comparison Study

          Dimitrios Georgiadis                                    

310     Migration and Radicalization with Violence

          Merve Önenli Güven                                    

539     Examining the Factors Affecting Cultural Similarity in the Post-Migration Adaptation Process by Geographical Weighted Regression Method: The Case of Van Province

          Çetin Görür, Bahadır Yüzbaşı, Gökhan Tuncel


12E    Wellbeing and Migration V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Sadaf Mahmood, Women University Multan, Pakistan

314     Children in the Trauma Trail: From Being Human to Well Being

          Surbhi Kumar, Shubhra Seth

400     Overcoming Adversity: An Investigation of Psychological Well-Being among Syrian Refugees in Turkey

          Selen Subaşı

217     Commodified by displacement: the case of Syrian women in Lebanon’s agricultural sector

          Jessy Nassar

1121   Challenges and Well-being of Pakistani Students: Evidence from Germany

          Sadaf Mahmood, Beatrice Knerr, Izhar Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Shabbir, Muhammad Idrees, Uzma Niaz



11:00-11:15 BREAK



Day Four 26 August 2023 – 11:15-13:00

13A    Migration and Urban Integration V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Sahizer Samuk, University of Pisa, Italy

294     Internal Bordering in the Turkish Context: Inferences from Syrians’ housing process in urban áreas

          Ulaş Sunata and Feriha Nazda Güngördü

312     The Cretan Refugees in the Province of Adana

          Aslı Emine Çomu

386     Reading the Production of Space in Syrian Neighborhoods in Ankara

          Damla Isiklilar

126     Understanding Turkish return migration from Germany

Funda Yildirim


13B    Wellbeing and Migration V3 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Lan Lo, University of Nottingham, UK

345     The maternity experiences of women seeking asylum, in Australia

          Glenys Frank, Deborah Fox, Nicky Leap

76      A comparative study on access to contraceptives and abortion services among Nepalese migrants in Japan and New York City, USA

          Masako Tanaka

407     Implications of male migration on the decision-making and autonomy of the migrants’ wives: Evidence from Middle Ganga Plain Survey, India

          Reshmi R S, Ram Babu Bhagat, Gulshan Kumar, Sumit Narayan Dwivedi

102     Immigrants’ adaptation strategies in the (post)pandemic reality

          Joanna Kulpińska, Katarzyna Górska, Anna Wyrwisz

537     Unpacking the magnitude and heterogeneity of the impacts of reverse migration in environmentally vulnerable locations in Bangladesh

          Mohammad Kabir


13C    Migration and Integration V2 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Ruchi Singh, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India

65      Assessing the integration of Ukrainian refugees in the Romanian labour market: Case study: the city of Oradea

          Edina Lilla Meszaros

222     Experiences of migrant nurses in Japan: Building diversity in workplace interpersonal relationships

          Yoshiyuki Nagaya, Nicola Gillin, David Smith

440     Chinese Migration to Africa: The Case of Cameroon

Jocelyne Kenne Kenne

1107   Boatmen and Decent Work: Insights from Varanasi District

          Akhilesh Vishwakarma and Ruchi Singh


13D    Migration, Religion, and Religious Groups V1 – VIRTUAL ACCESS

Chair: Eric M. Trinka, Emory and Henry College, USA

455     Religious Studies and Migration Research: Exploring Methodological Mysteries and Interdisciplinary Insights

          Ingrid Løland

118     Identity Matters: Culture and Religion as Key Factors in the Migration of Muslims

          Joseph Abraham Levi

111     A Tale of Two Regions: Perceptions of Syrian Forced Immigrants in Lebanon through a Religious Lens

          Ziad Alahmad


Please note this programme is subject to change without notice.