On behalf of the The Migration Conference Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to the 6th conference in the series which will take place in Bari, Italy from 18 to 20 June 2019. The Conference is a forum for discussion where experts, young researchers and students, practitioners and policy makers working in the field of migration are encouraged to exchange their knowledge and experiences in a friendly and frank environment.

The conference is organised in thematic streams of parallel sessions focusing migration, migrant populations, diasporas, migration policies, as well as non-migrants and wider impact of human mobility. The scientific programme will comprise invited talks, oral presentations, poster presentations as well as workshops. The conference will host about 150 parallel sessions and several keynote speakers joining us in plenary sessions.

Conference venue is Department of Political Science at the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Puglia’s capital. Located in South Italy, Bari is a coastal city with many attractions within short distance.

We are expecting an interesting and highly motivating meeting and would be happy if you participated in this conference.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bari, Italy in June 2019 !

Michela Pellicani and Ibrahim Sirkeci

The Migration Conference 2019 Conference Chairs

On behalf of the Conference Executive Team and Committee

Conference Executive Committee

  • Prof Michela Camilla Pellicani, Department of Political Science, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy (Chair)
  • Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci, Centre for Transnational Business & Management, Regent’s University London, UK (Chair)
  • Prof Jeffrey H. Cohen, Department of Anthropology, Ohio State University, USA
  • Prof Philip L Martin, University of California Davis, USA

Transnational Advisory Committee

  • Prof Deborah Anker, Harvard University, United States
  • Prof Petra Bendel, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
  • Prof Ali Caglar, Hacettepe University, Turkey
  • Prof Dilek Cindoglu, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar
  • Prof Lucinda Fonseca, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Prof Elli Heikkila, Migration Institute of Finland, Finland
  • Prof Monica Ibáñez-Angulo, University of Burgos, Spain
  • Prof Liliana Jubilut, Universidade Católica de Santos, Brazil
  • Prof Beatrice Knerr, University of Kassel, Germany
  • Prof Jonathan Liu, Regent’s University London, UK
  • Prof João Peixoto, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Prof Apostolos G Papadopoulos, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece
  • Prof Nicholas Procter, University of South Australia, Australia
  • Prof Giuseppe Sciortino, University of Trento, Italy
  • Prof Claude Sumata, National Pedagogical University, DR Congo
  • Prof Ali Tilbe, Namik Kemal University, Turkey

Transnational Scientific Committee

  • Dr Nirmala Devi Arunasalam, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom
  • Dr Bahar Baser, Coventry University, United Kingdom
  • Dr Bharati Basu, Central Michigan University, United States
  • Dr Gülseli Baysu, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Dr Gul Ince Beqo, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Italy
  • Dr Tuncay Bilecen, Kocaeli University, Turkey & Regent’s University London, United Kingdom
  • Dr Elias Boukrami, Regent’s University London, United Kingdom
  • Dr Yaprak Civelek, Istanbul Arel University, Turkey
  • Dr Martina Cvajner, University of Trento, Italy
  • Dr Carla de Tona, Independent Researcher, Italy
  • Dr Saniye Dedeoğlu, Mugla Sitki Kocman University, Turkey
  • Dr Sureya Sonmez Efe, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom
  • Dr Tahire Erman, Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Dr Alina Esteves, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Dr Ana Vila Freyer, Universidad Latina de México, Mexico
  • Dr Gökçe Bayindir Goularas, Yeditepe University, Turkey
  • Dr Olga R. Gulina, RUSMPI- Institute on Migration Policy, Russia
  • Dr Sarah E. Hackett, Bath Spa University, United Kingdom
  • Dr Serena Hussain, Coventry University, United Kingdom
  • Dr İnci Aksu Kargın, Uşak University, Turkey
  • Dr Rania Rafik Khalil, The British University in Egypt, Egypt
  • Dr Emre Eren Korkmaz, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Dr Simeon Magliveras, King Fadh University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Vildan Mahmutoğlu, Galatasaray University, Turkey
  • Dr Altay Manço, Institut de Recherche, Formation et Action sur les Migrations, Belgium
  • Dr Gökay Özerim, Yaşar University, Turkey
  • Dr Marjan Petreski, American College Skopje, Macedonia
  • Isabella Piracci, Bari, Italy
  • Dr Md Mizanur Rahman, Qatar University, Qatar
  • Dr Bradley Saunders, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Paulette K. Schuster, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel
  • Dr Deniz Ş. Sert, Özyeğin University, Turkey
  • Dr Ruchi Singh, Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, India
  • Dr Armagan Teke Lloyd, Abdullah Gul University, Turkey
  • Dr Fethiye Tilbe, Namik Kemal University, Turkey
  • Dr AKM Ahsan Ullah, University Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam
  • Dr K. Onur Unutulmaz, Social Sciences University of Ankara, Turkey
  • Dr Deniz Eroglu Utku, Trakya University
  • Dr Hassan Vatanparast, Saskatchewan University, Canada
  • Dr Pınar Yazgan, Sakarya University, Turkey
  • Dr M. Murat Yüceşahin, Ankara University, Turkey
  • Dr Welat Zeydanlioglu, Sweden
  • Dr Ayman Zohry, Egyptian Society for Migration Studies (EGYMIG), Egypt
  • Elena Carletti, University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy
  • Emilia Lana de Freitas Castro, Universität Hamburg, Germany
  • Ülkü Sezgi Sözen, Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law, Germany
  • Ege Cakir, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  • Begüm Yüceşahin, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

The Migration Conference is administrated by an executive committee and supported by an advisory and scientific board. To achieve the objective of providing a platform for intellectual discussion among scholars and practitioners, TMC relies on the collaboration of recognized scholars and institutions who voluntarily collaborate every year.

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